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Mighty Panda Number 38

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We have decided to embark on an adventure and raise some money for a fantastic local charity “Cash for Kids” which helps disabled, disadvantaged and neglected / abused children in the Hampshire area.

We are entering the “Panda Raid” rally in Morocco in March 2018. The rally is only eligible to classic Fiat Pandas and we will be exposed to temperatures from -7 to+35 and terrain from ice to rocks and sand. Our journey has started with obtaining a donor vehicle (1991 Panda 4x4) and preparing it to withstand the rally – all work on the car has been done by Rich and Woody the co-pilot (most weekends for the last 4 months), many new parts were required alond with a very steep learning curve, as neither of us are mechanics. All costs incurred so far, and the cost attending the rally are being covered by us personally.

We have had an overwhelming support from our friends, clients and suppliers – with much welding from G&R Fabrication and a full respray from A&B Motors. Any support we receive for the project will be gratefully received – and we will ensure you get a mention on our website. We will be setting up a thanksgiving account soon for financial donations.

We will be officially launching the project next month, and the rally is scheduled for March 2018. This gives us plenty of time to market the event and ensure we maximise our exposure with social media. We have received interest from local TV and radio, which we will be directing to our new website.

About the Rally

The Panda Raid is a long-distance amateur rally held annually in March. More than a hundred teams decide to challenge the law of common sense and launch an old school adventure abroard in a Fiat Panda classic. The rally takes place from Spain to Morocco through a 7-stage tour designed to test the physical and mental capacities of the teams.

Panda Raid loses technology for a week, meaning teams need to rely on the simple compass and a navigation book provided by the organisers. Team intuition and the profile of the stages will set the pace of the participants. The classification process is based on a scoring system that takes into account navigation (having to comply with all checkpoints) and the average speed in some sectors of the stage.

The rally route is designed in a progressive way so that less experienced teams can test and develop their skills in the early stages and then advance with knowledge acquired towards the most demanding stages of the rally. Approximately every 50 km there are checkpoints where the stewards note progress. The team cars are fitted with satellite trackers that, through a live tracking system, will allow friends, familly and sponsors to monitor progress through the miles and miles of the Moroccan desert.

For a feel of what is involved please look at these pictures from Panda Raid 2013 it tells you the story in pictures.

We intent to partake in the rally for fun and to raise funds for our nominated charity Cash for Kids. The entrance fees and car preparation will be funded by the dirver and co-pilot. All donations will go directly to the charity #cashforkids.

Our Philosophy

We believe it should be easy.......

We believe that people should be able to communicate with each other.

We believe that people deserve care and compassion.

​And most of all, we believe the way we behave and do business must be done with integrity, a sense of pride and honesty.


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